About Wonderchums
Wonderchums is all about

life-shaping learning experiences that build on our kids' natural ability to build productive and meaningful friendships through the act of making.

Their future will undoubtedly call for new ways of collaborating to solve tricky problems, so let's help them build the social and creative skills to do so!

We love diversity and inclusion

because we have seen the powerful effect it has as a driver of innovation.

We believe kids who can think divergently and collaborate with different people will become leaders of a brave, new future.

At Wonderchums, we are inclusive players, innovators and employers.

All of our programs and experiences are designed with disability inclusion at the heart. And we are also passionate about all forms of inclusion - age, gender, ethnic, cultural, social and more.

All Wonderchums Programs invite children with and without special needs from across the cultural spectrum of Sydney to participate together.

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- Nalini Joshi


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