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Hi, I'm Ali

I’m 39, a thriving mum, and a craft enthusiast.

I grew up on a wheat farm near Bruce Rock, 3 hours away from Perth (Western Australia), with 3 siblings - a brother and 2 sisters.

Life was tough when I was a little girl!

Doctors told my parents that I will never be able to read and write. I think it's because I got extra help at home and extra support at school that I can do those things now.

The Mums from Bruce Rock volunteered to help me with my school work for 1 or 2 hours a day for my whole schooling in Bruce Rock.

At the end of year 10, I went to a Special Ed unit at Sacred Heart College in Perth and boarded there. It was very hard for my parents to do it, but they knew I couldn't just stay at home. It was the best thing they ever did for me.

When I finished high school at Sacred Heart, I then moved in with my sisters in a house in Perth.

I'm pretty confident to look after myself.

I love socialising and making new friends.

When I started working for Worksafe, I had a employment agent (Bizlink) come in to visit me every week for 1 hour to see how I was going. After I got more confident, they only came every 2nd week.

I resigned from Worksafe when I was 4 months pregnant and had a lovely baby boy, who is now 7.

I suffered depression most of my life and always took medication.

One day I decided to start weaning myself off the tablets and now I'm a more positive person...

I now go to the gym every day. I self-motivate myself to go.

I've traveled the world to Europe, Japan, and often go to Sydney and Melbourne to visit family members.

I am a determined person. I never give up on things.

I always get the results I want, even if it might take a little longer for me.

I live independently and am bringing up my son on my own.

I have an online craft shop on Etsy. I'm also creating my homemade craft goods.

Now I am running my own business with my sister Jo.

Ali  xxx